Shimmering Stars - Ghosts Past EP

« Jason Molina’s music has been a constant source of inspiration for me and for countless others. His songs tap into something dark, beautiful, and eternal. He is a musician in the truest sense of the word – someone who puts their entire heart and soul into their craft. Almost Musique and I had discussed covering ‘Hold On Magnolia’ some time ago, but after reading about Jason’s current personal and financial struggles we decided to release this 7″ as a show of appreciation and admiration for Jason. We’re going to donate 10% of the proceeds of this 7″ to the Jason Molina Medical Fund. It’s not a huge amount of money but we hope that our humble offering will help Jason on his road to recovery, which we are certain he will find. It’s fitting that ‘Hold On Magnolia’ is a song about redemption. You can show your support by sending well wishes and personal donations to:

Jason Molina
c/o Ashley Lawson
4632 Quincy Adams
Ct. Lorain, OH 44053

The original songs on this 7″ represent a turning point for the band. ‘Slaves’ is an older song that speaks to some of the more familiar Shimmering Stars themes: heartache, alienation, anxiety, and fear. ‘When I See You Again’ is a departure both thematically and otherwise. It is a song of redemption and hope, and reaches for something bigger than our earlier material. Also, we left the garage for an actual studio to record this song, which represents another significant turning point for the band. »? Rory McClure

Shimmering Stars – Ghosts Past EP
ALMST454 – 7″
A1- Slaves
A2- When I See You Again
B- Hold On Magnolia

Limited edition (500 units)



Ghosts Past - EP - Shimmering Stars

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