Alrt - Le Pistolet / Chien Mort, Mi Amor

Arlt’s music is a language. Incidentally, the duet’s first album was entitled « La Langue ». Holden’s Mocke, an Alrt-dialect speaker himself, took part in that album, which already contained (or should I say, could no longer contain) the will to reach a new form of language, a new way of writing words. You can sense that in the rootless beauty of their melodies, their strange use of the French language, and virtuoso/broken rhythm guitars. Besides, Eloïse Decazes and Sing Sing’s vocals do not sound like anything else. You could call their voices possessed; unless it works the other way round. Their songs are actually possessed by their vocals, especially these two new ones.

As « Le Pistolet » and « Chien Mort, Mi Amor » show, the tongue in Arlt’s next record could well be stuck out. Problem children Arlt have stopped behaving (have they ever?) and torn the castle apart. They have gone electric, too. Sing Sing and Mocke’s guitars, recorded in one or two takes only, still sound quite minimalistic, but they are now taking liberties, and regaining their freedom. Punk rock is in the air, rock ‘n’ roll too, fueled by ethnic music, free jazz, deviant pop music, etc.

The last part of « Chien Mort, Mi Amor » is one small adventure in itself. As the stunned/stunning tune is almost over, Alrt goes into a trance, willingly throwing the map out the window. This is not music to take drugs to – musicis the drug. Arlt wouldn’t go to rehab; they have even more substance, more immediacy.

File their new 7″ in ‘Musical Art Brut’. Listen to Sing Sing and Eloïse turn Lennon’s « Warm Gun » into « Tu m’as pris pour un pistolet » (you took me for a gun). They also sing in unison, « Nous voilà à terre, mi amor » (here we are on the floor, mi amor), making music both sexual and playful.
Mickaël Mottet

Arlt – Le Pistolet / Chien Mort Mi Amor
ALMST452 – 7″
A- Le Pistolet
B- Chien Mort, Mi Amor


Le pistolet - EP - Arlt

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